I grew up in Montreal and moved to Toronto to attend Ontario College of Art (now OCAD U). By the time I graduated, I'd made attachments, so I stayed in Toronto and set up a studio practice (and yes, I've been practicing ever since!).
I love using well-designed and crafted ware, and making things others will love the same way (it really warms my heart to hear, "Your cup is my favourite! I use it every day!").
 I have an on-going affair with porcelain, which, although it can be a difficult material to work with, rewards me with its silky surface, its ability to capture fine detail, and its almost luminescent quality. Because porcelain fires very hard, my delicate functional ware is also very durable. 
These qualities work well in my sculptural work, too, where I'm exploring the texture of cloth and natural forms, and juxtaposing objects against its very white surface. 
My work over the years has included private and corporate commissions, is in the collection of Scotiabank and has been purchased by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. One of my pieces is represented in the book Great Soup Empty Bowls, produced by the Gardiner Museum.
As well as working in my own studio I teach pottery to adults and children. I conduct workshops and enjoy doing projects with students in secondary and elementary schools.
Here's a video of me talking about making my mixed-media pieces:
Video by Andrew Brown for Art Tour Collective
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